on the importance of letter writing

I got a postcard in the mail, and it made me beam. The sender really knows my style, it seems!
Throughout the years, I've made tons of friends who, when it was time for us to go our separate ways, vowed to keep in touch through the many avenues of the big, wide, interwebs. We're always connected, anyway, so, how hard could it be?

Very hard, it seems.

I've witnessed strong friendships reduced to yearly "happy birthday" wall posts on Facebook or to the mass email  that announces a birth or loss. And I'm no different. I am rubbish when it comes to email or responding to anything online even though I am pretty much on my laptop 8 hours or more each day. Somehow, the "reply" button seems miles away. Most of the time, I think that I can't be bothered with writing up a response.

Why don't I attach more value to composing even just a short reply? I'd like to think that it's because I see emails and the like as rigid and impersonal-- something that takes a minute to think up, a minute to consume, and a minute to forget. Which is why, even now, I insist on writing letters to people.

They make take longer to receive, but apart from the scribbled note, there is so much to read: the choice of paper, the color of the ink pen, the slant of the hand. It's like I'm getting a little bit of the person in that missive written just for me.

Do you write letters? 


  1. I love getting snail mail! You are right about the thoughtfulness, the paper, the handwriting, etc. just makes me happy. Kayla and I got an adorable Halloween card in the mail yesterday with a really sweet note. It was the nicest thing we have received in the mail in a long time. Bills are no fun to receive, lol! Heather

  2. P.S. Loving your new blog design :)

  3. I love getting fun snail mail, I wish more people wrote letters and sent cards! Postcards too, no one mails postcards on vacations anymore!!

  4. The internet has better handwriting than me, so emails it is for the most part. I don't want people seeing my boy-writing and thinking I'm really a dude posting stolen pictures of some girl on my blog in a scheme to lure naive beauty/fashion/life bloggers to be my friend. The latter part is true. I'm trying to lure you into being my friend. I'm just not a creepster posting stolen pictures.

  5. I love mail too! Nobody writes letters anymore. We should start a card club or something where we send monthly cards to each other! That would be so fun! I love card shopping!

  6. So cuuuute : I love it!
    Great art.
    I'm a follower of your blog.
    It would be nice if you're on my list too :)

  7. I don't really write letters, but I do love looking at fancy stationary.

  8. Aww. I've been away from my lifelong friends for 5 years now (seen them twice in 2009 and 2010) but I try really, really try hard to write them long messages on Facebook when I can. There's really something comforting about having someone to run to and know that they read your messages (even though they can't reply right away - I'm the same way). A friend of mine recently had boyfriend problems and since I was the only one awake (when she was freaking out) that knows her well and she can talk to, and I was literally messaging her asking what's up, our good old days of talking about guys was rekindled and we ended up thanking each other for still being there despite the distance. It was pretty sweet :)

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  9. I'm a letter writer as well. Moving away from Canada to the US for 6 years made me get into the habit of writing letters every 2-3 months to friends and loved ones back home. Now that I'm back in Alberta, my two best friends have relocated in my absence and so we keep up the writing to each other.

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  10. I haven't written a letter in a long time, but I should. It's just...finding the time is difficult, and I want to get the point across, so texting or emailing is easier.

  11. I love looking at old letters/cards I've received.. so much more meaningful than a text.. I really should make an effort to write letters to people!

    Caroline x
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  12. My daughter's preschool has parents write letters to their children every few weeks to help improve language skills and to let the child know they are loved while they are at school learning.

  13. OMG that's so nice! I love getting things in the mail- especially when they are super cute!
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  14. I love cards and handwritten letters! Sending mail is one of my hobbies. I never expect anything in return... I just love imagining the happy smiles on faces when they get sometime fun in the mail!

  15. great post!!! i follow you now ;)
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  16. Yes, I do write letters. I send and write my lover a letter monthly. It's more personal and it's really different if it's hand written. I've been sending postcards to friends who are miles away from me. It's to keep the handwriting tradition alive.

    If you have time, will you send me a postcard, please? =)

  17. I always like real letter and cards better than quick fb posts. They are more sincere.
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  18. Cath and I continued to write letters through college but we've stopped recently (I say "recently" -- does 7 years post-graduation count?) and just rely on skype and email too. I still write Thank Yous and post-cards, but your post makes me want to do more -- especially being on the other side of the pond.
    Happy Friday, Laura!

  19. it's really great that you are a letter-writer. to be honest I'm probably guilty of being exactly what you dislike :( I'm impatient and I like to get many things done and out of the way and I guess I prefer to do the whole email or text message thing with people. it's so great that you would rather send a meaningful, substantial message to someone via a letter rather than a few lines on the computer. your letter receivers would definitely appreciate the effort! :)


  20. I write correspondence club letters! But otherwise... that's about it except for thank you notes. I do like letter writing though.

  21. i love to write letters but i have to type them out since my handwriting is dreadful. so that kinda defeats the purpose, i guess?

  22. How funny, I've been thinking of writing YOU a letter. I will do so soon. Hopefully Frankenstorm doesn't interfere with my plans.

    I really enjoy letter writing, but I wish I was more consistent with it. Perhaps I will work on improving that.

  23. Great post dear!!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and facebook? Let me know!!!

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  24. If I had someone to write to!!! LOL I do write nice Thank You notes though :) It is more personal and MUCH appreciated when one does this. Good for you Laura! I think that is awesome!


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