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mint jumper: Forever 21 :: floral shirt: thrifted:: tutu: thrifted and modified:: knee high socks: Chinese Laundry:: pink mary janes: ASOS:: heart necklace: Kohl's:: Dr. Strange Eye of Agamotto pouch: DIY

During the weekend, my husband and I like to pretend we're fancy and go out to brunch. We try to support locally owned businesses as much as we can, so we like to adventure to small restaurants whenever we go out on dates. One of our favorite restaurants for Sunday brunch is called Luna, and they offer some of the most scrumptious foods ever. 

I usually end up getting some variation of eggs Benedict or roesti, and my husband always likes to get something different, thus his ginormous plate of chicken and waffles and odd drink of beef and booze, which tasted like a bloody Mary mixed with beef broth, barbecue sauce and lots of Tabasco. Definitely not my kind of drink.

What's your favorite brunch meal?


  1. hey laura! LOVE your new layout girl! it's exquisite :) so charming! you did a fabulous job! love love love it! Luna, has some awesome food! Everything looks so good. I love brunch. I usually order either the breakfast-y or lunch stuff. I love belgian waffles! Fabulous outfit Laura! I love the colors and that tulle skirt is exquisite. I'm talking about ballet looks and tulle on my blog today! HAHAHA It's totally IN :) i'm not a bloody mary drink girl either. have a great day.

  2. Ohhhh brunch. One of my favorite things to go out for, I adore brunch. I try to get something different, especially because we try to go to different local places too. My favorite was a turducken eggs Benedict. No joke!

  3. I LOVE brunch. (And your new layout! How cute!) We don't go out as often as we'd like, but we're the same - love to support local businesses and small cafes.

  4. I love brunch! Well, actually I love anything related to food, ha ha. Loving your mint green sweater and the ballerina inspired skirt. Heather

  5. Brunch is the best :)
    That all sounds delicious, and that outfit is adorable!


  6. Brunch is the best part about the weekend (in my humble opinion at least)! I love that you and the hubs support local businesses with this tradition as well. Chicken and waffles is one of my favorite dishes so I'm getting a little jealous looking at these photos!

  7. love your tutu skirt! :)

    brunch is my favorite thing!
    i usually get something with eggs but my SO orders sweet breakfast so i can have a bite or two. ;p
    that eggs benedict looks real good. yummm!

  8. I love brunch! But we don't go out to eat very often. But I love the look of those chicken and waflles!
    LOVe that minty green sweater on you!

  9. Tutu!!!! In black!!! As you can see, I am beyond excited by your skirt...

    Courtney ~

  10. I love brunch! A Belgian waffle with cream and fruit is my go-to.

  11. I am in love with the colour of your hair, it is so beautiful.

    This food all looks so yummy, makes me hungry! I love to go for wife cake and bubble tea for brunch hehe.


  12. Oooh, so many things to say! Firt of all, your new layout is ADORABLE! You are so talented, crafty, and artsy. Also, I am soooooooooooooooooo flattered to be on your sidebar! BEYOND flattered, so so honored! Thank you. Third, you look so pretty! I fall more and more in love with your hair. And last but not least, the food looks yuuummmyyy :)

  13. I love to brunch as much as I's the best of both worlds - breakfast and lunch. Gives me an excuse to eat eggs benedict after noon haha. I totally would order the same thing you did..and my hubby would totally order the sweet and savory chicken n waffles!

  14. I lerve me some brunch, as it normally means I can sleep in on the weekends haha. That beef bloody mary looks kinda scary though!

    Talitha xx

  15. Not a breakfast fan, but the chicken, I could eat that oh yes.

  16. I love your blog! It's so refreshing:) I am you newest follower!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  17. Brunch is the best! I think I will be having Belgian waffles and eggs Benedict this weekend. Those are my topnotch favourites. You look adorable as always dear. xx/Madison

  18. Brunch looks amazing, and I LOOOOOVE that skirt!

    The Other Side of Gray

  19. Aw, I've always wanted to try chicken and waffles. Such an interesting combination. And you look rockin'!
    xo TJ

  20. I've never had brunch lately. I should go out and have brunch, soon.

  21. Oh! The new layout! My internet is funny at the moment and will only show some blogs on some days! I've been trying to see yours for a while! It looks great! Very you! I have to redo mine as well, maybe when I get home in a couple of months. As for brunch? Eggs benny all the way. Or Pancakes. Or Or Or... Australia seemed to have amazing breakfasts everywhere and they served them all day. One place made something called an Ave Amerilla: corn fritters, poached egg, rocket, fresh salsa, guacamole. Incredible! Can't wait to recreate!

  22. your hair rocks, girl. my friend dyed it purple, i think she shouldve gone with this shade of green, it's fab.

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  23. I love brunch of weekends - and I almost always order egg ben too!

  24. I love that you support the smaller, local owner restaurants, it's so nice to support the businesses that don't follow the Walmart plan. (And yum, that food looks delicious!) I love your skirt, it's like a dark Gothic tutu and the mint sweater just makes it better.
    And because I am totally curious, where were you when you were in Alaska? (if that's not too creepy and stalkery sounding!) It's always fun meeting people who've lived/visited up here, its funny how small of a world it can be at times!

  25. Great outit Laura! Loving the tutu! Brunch is my Fave. I wish we can have it everyday rather just on the weekends.

  26. Mmmm I love brunch - I can never decide if i want sweet or savory! Both are so tempting!

    Love your mint sweater, its so pretty!
    Chic on the Cheap

  27. this is such a fun post. i love brunch dates, but my bf and i never go, because it's hard going with the two little ones, and i don't have many friends in the area, yet! i miss brunch. i loved looking at these.

    i'm really hungry right now, so thinking about my favorite brunch meal is funny, because EVERYTHING is my favorite right now. i'd have to say, i do love waffles, though! with fruit and whipped cream.

    it's really nice visiting your blog. it's really fun. i'm off to check out your etsy shop right now... how do you like selling on etsy? i'm opening mine (vintage clothes) in one week from today and am kind of nervous.

    hope you enjoy your weekend, dear.

    xox, amber

  28. Sooo, the waffles look amazing, but the chicken would totally put me off for breakfast. And as for that drink.... hmmm.

    But eggs benedict is always great, and brunch is even greater. I always used to go out with some friends to a Chinese/Canadian restaurant on Sundays... so you could get eggs, or chow mein, or a chocolate milkshake, depending what stage of hungover you were. ;)

  29. I love going out for brunch! It's great that you support the locally owned small businesses too. I like french toast for brunch.

    I also love your outfit. Mint is one of my favorite colors. I love the modified tutu too!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  30. Beef and booze. Wait what??
    Wouldn't be my cup of tea either, but I am LOVING the idea of sundried tomato hollandaise sauce...hmmm...

  31. My fave brunch meal is a good tofu scramble, or tofu breakfast tacos. Paired with a Bloody Mary, of course! Me and my boyfriend usually like to support local eateries every Sunday afternoon too :)

    Sophisticated Lace

  32. You look so cute Laura! I love all the layering and knee socks are adorable!! hey and love how your new blog layout looks!!

  33. I am intrigued by the beef and booze! I wouldn't be able to do it before noon though. And ugh, that chicken and waffles looks good!

    I am loving your layering here. I wish I could do a blouse under a sweater, but if never works for me.

  34. Oh goodness, that eggs benedict looks amazing. Sun dried tomato hollandaise! As for my brunch fave, it's a toss up between eggs benedict (obvs) and portobello eggs florentine.

    There's that mint sweater of yours with that sweet little pocket :)

  35. What the beef broth?! I am wary but also want to try it (says the girl trying to be a gluten-free vegan. Fail).
    That is the one (seriously, just the one) downside to the UK. The whole brunch thing is still a fledgling concept here. Places do try to do it but it isn't the social norm to do a Sunday brunch. Sunday roasts are big though: mash, roast (or toad in the whole), yorkshire puds, and mushy peas. So they almost make up for the lack of eggs bene and fluffy pancakes.


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