It's a celebration!

1. Lace Shrug- Forever 21
2. Gold Heart Belt- Forever 21
3. black Tee- GAP
4. black and white stripes bodycon skirt- Forever 21
5. Hello Kitty Purse- Hot Topic
6. floral heels- Report

Last week, I got my hair lopped off, but I still have a couple of outfit photos with my long mermaid-ish hair. Seeing these now makes me regret getting my haircut a little bit, but then I just have to remember all the hassle with the snagging, the shedding, and the tangling, and then I'm in love with my shorter hair again. 

How was your weekend? I stayed in for most of the time since I had set it as my goal to stock up my shop for the holidays AND my the store's 1 year anniversary! I am so thankful for all the support all of you have given me and my weeee etsy shop this past year.

To celebrate my shop's anniversary, I'm offering 10% off all orders between now and November 30, 2012. You just need to use the code HAPPYDAYS2012 . * 

This will be the last sale before the holidays, and I'll be adding items almost everyday. So if you need to stock up on stocking stuffers like pins, keychains, bookmarks, or ornaments, check out the shop of worldly delights!  

*Valid until 11:59 pm Pacific Time, November 30, 2012. Not valid on custom orders or previous orders. Discount does not apply to shipping costs. 


  1. Can't wait to see your new hair! Congrats on one year for your shop too :)

  2. From what I've seen of the new hair on instagram it looks amazing! And huge congrats on the shop - huge.

    Courtney ~

  3. Congrats on your shops One year anniversary!! You really inspire me with your shop you know. I've always loved making crafts, and I would love to have the time to have a shop myself. Good for you for following your dreams! Can't wait to see your new haircut :)

  4. Congrats on your one year honey!

    I love the flowy pink with the graphic stripe and the l'il pink shoe. MASTERFUL! :D

  5. Happy one year anniversary on your shop! And hooray for sales, I will check it out as I had my eye on a couple of things for gifts!

    I love the color combination you are wearing! And gourmet s'mores? Those look amazing!

  6. Can't wait to see your new hair - i'm slowly cutting my own hair shorter, it just feels healthier.

  7. I'm sure your new hair is adorable.
    Love your striped skirt, and your gourmet s'mores sound awesome.
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. loving all of the festivity and celebration. Congrats on your 1st shop anniversary! xo

  9. Congrats on your shop's 1 yr anniversary! The gourmet smores look amazing :)
    ps. I love the cute bows background!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. I'm excited for your hair! I'm with you on the iffy about getting it cut thing. There are so many things I like better, but there is still that separation anxiety thing. Oh hair, you're so confusing, lol.
    Congrats on the 1-year for your shop! Can't wait to pull out my sea pup scarf again this year. I <3 it so much.

  11. happy anniversary! :D

    love the shrug and the shoes together. beautiful color that goes nice with your mermaid hair. ;)

  12. You always look so adorable so I'm sure it's great. That shrimp pizza looks good! Congrats!

  13. Hurray for your one year anniversary! Such cuteness :) I like your hair both ways, but I definitely agree that more manageable hair wins every time. I'm thinking about growing mine out again...hopefully my stylist doesn't laugh at me :P

  14. Happy shop-iversary. I like the lace cardigan!

  15. WOW!! the dessert look so good... and does that pizza have cheese on it?
    I love your photos!


  16. i love your outfit and the blog layout :)

  17. cute outfit! lovin the lace a lot! and wow, you got most of these @ forever 21? whenn?! whenever i go to f21, i don't find much :( and super cute webshop too! love your products!

    alex @

  18. Happy one year Etsy-versary my fellow etsian! Should I give you a different banner? seems off over there>>
    A nice hair change is always good!!

  19. laura i love your outfit and my eyes got stuck on the deluxe s'mores girl! mmmmm mmmmm good! i love that lace shrug and your shoes are the same color. soooooooo cute! hooray for the shop! i remember when you opened it. good for you! keep up the great work!

  20. I love your shoes! Your blog is so cute! I'm your newest follower. Hope you would visit my blog as well :)

  21. I love the green still, and I still consider your hair super long but I've not had my hair reach my shoulders in over 12 years. My weekend? I spend the entire weekend as a vendor at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention where I was within reaching distance of Tom Kenney (the voice of spongebob)

  22. Love the outfit! And definitely embrace shorter hair. I hate when my hair gets caught on everything - argh!

    Going to go check out your shop now :)

    xoxo, cath

  23. you look so pretty! i love that third photo of you! such a stylish outfit, too... really like the shrug and the shoes. love how nicely they match :) how is everything going with you, dear?

    xox, amber

  24. I love your hair color so much, it makes me want pretty colored hair like that and I'm never tempted by bright hair! It just looks so stunning on you. I really like how your hair color works with your outfits, it just adds a whole new element to them. (Like this pretty lace top just looks so pretty and girly with your hair color and it really stands out against the black shirt.) How exciting about your shop, I didn't realize you had an esty one, Ill have to go check it out now. :)

  25. Such a cute outfit, I love your brave haircolor so much! I also love the new layout of your blog. Totally adorable ♥ xoxo

  26. congrats on your shop's anniversary!

  27. Wow, it's been a year already? Congratulations on all your success, Laura!

    I really like how you incorporated pink into this black and white outfit. It gives it a nice soft, sweet touch.

    Oh, and I'm suffering from total dessert envy over here! :P

  28. Ooolala! Can't wait to see your new hairs, lady! That lace shrug is beeeyootiful!
    Hopping over to your store right now (sooo very impressed by your creativity and industriousness). I can't tell you the number of compliments I get wearing sly pete around town ;)

  29. Um, hello pretty lace jacket and pretty pink shoes. I like your new hair! I think sometimes a good cut can make you feel so refreshed... or at least I feel that way!

  30. I adore that peachy pink on you. That lace shrug looks amazing on you, Laura!

  31. Congrats and best of luck to your shop, Laura! =)

    That pizza looks yummy, too!!!


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