I recently managed to go through a lot of books in one afternoon snuggled in the couch, sipping tea while my kitties meowed all over my general vicinity. My friend M loaned me these hilariously awful Nancy Drew books that I devoured instantly. These were the first chapter/series books I read when I was a kid, and I remember writing up Nancy-inspired mini novels back then. 
I've also been consuming a ridiculous amount of tea in my husband's oh so clever octopus cup. Isn't this the coolest cup ever? There are other designs too (t-rex, skull, spider) but this is my fave. My brew of choice is Twining's Lady Grey, which is light with a little hint of citrus. But I've also been sipping on some nettle leaf tea and chamomile.  What's your brew?
No reading trip is complete without comics and a good non-fiction. I've been immensely enjoying Brian Wood's Northlanders series because... you already know-- VIKINGS. I picked up the last volume by mistake and read that first, so now I'm playing catch up. I also picked up Shakespeare's Tremor and Orwell's Cough which is about the various diseases famous writers may have had. It's a fascinating read, especially if you're familiar or interested in famous writers' physical ailments/ 
I actually finished packing yesterday (read: I decided to take whatever fit in my suitcase, and will just buy whatever else I happen to need when I get there) so I plan on taking things easy and cleaning up my craft room today. I'm planning on closing my shop until I get back  in a couple weeks, so if you need anything for presents or such, get em now :)

I leave you with a picture of Pandae and Flash chillin by our wee skull collection. I think they were mesmerized by my doughnut phone charm as I took this picture. 

What are you currently reading?


  1. Your kittens are beyond adorable -- and I want to read that non-fiction book you're working on, it sounds fascinating.

    Courtney ~

  2. Oh your kitties are soo cute!! I love that picture!! I also love your Octopus mug, it's crazy adorable!
    I'm reading First Shift, a prequel to the Wool series by Hugh Howey.

  3. mmmm...tea and books. a great way to spend the day. I've been drinking a lot of mucho mango mambo from Argo lately. I've just tried azteca fire from Teavana (it has chocolate in it). Delicious.

  4. Oh man, it has been a minute since I've read any Nancy Drew. I'm currently reading the Temeraire series (I'm almost done with book 4!) by Naomi Novik because dragons and historical war fiction! Yay! As for tea....I'm drinking everything. I love tea. I've been particularly digging Stash's Lavender Tulsi tea good.

  5. Wow...Nancy Drew. I used to love read mysteries as a kid. It was such a puzzle for me, which I also loved. Haha...I don't think I could get through those books now as an adult.

  6. I have so so many Nancy Drew books. I inherited all my mom/aunt's old ones and my grandma bought me the new ones for years and years, so I have two huge tubs worth of them. I keep meaning to just sit down and read them all.

  7. Your cats are adorable.

    I have recently been reading a lot too. Curling up with a book is so nice. Jessica always loved reading Nancy Drew books when we were little. I was the girl who always read the Sweet Valley books.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Hah! I think I read The Mystery In The Attic!! HAha! I've always been a Nancy Drew fan and not much of The Hardy Boys...but don't get me started on The Babysitter's Club! Now that's good reading! lol I've always wanted to get the octopus cup, but I don't have enough room for more mugs in my collection... Glad you finished up packing because that is a daunting task..time to relax!

  9. Ahh, Nancy Drew! I remember those books so very well. And the Bobsy Twins and Hardy Boys. How fun. lol Right now, the only thing I'm currently reading is blogs and not very well! Other than that, it's third grade reading curriculum. That's about all I have time for these days! =)

  10. The most recent thing I've read is Beautiful Creatures. Very tweeny but entertaining enough. I'm so happy for you finishing your packing since you have about as much love for it as I do. I was such a hard core Nancy Drew addict growing up. Ah those were the days. I love your nail polish! Super pretty. What is it?

  11. I love how you make a piece of art with your daily life !
    This cup is awesome ! My favorite teas are Russian Earl Grey and Orange Jaïpur.

  12. That is one of the coolest cups I've ever seen! Your husband made it? Wow!

  13. Love the skull collection! I'm not allowed to have skulls in the house except at Halloween because they freak out my husband, so I have them in my office at work.

  14. The nostalgia of even seeing a Nancy Drew book cover literally just broke my brain and filled me with longing. <3 Fantastic!

  15. I love that octopus cup, it's very cool! My favourite tea is Earl grey and Jasmine, & English bfast. I think I used to own that Nancy Drew version. wow!

  16. I love that octopus cup! lol PS I have a Giveaway happening, I hope you’ll stop by to enter. Knock Your Socks Off Giveaway

  17. Oooo tea and books (and kitties) -- so many of my favorite things. Tea of choice is rooibos (red bush tea) and I'm currently reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Have you read anything by Sarah Thomas? She doesn't fit a particular genre, but it's fiction with a touch of science fiction. I highly recommend her "The End of Mr. Y."
    I need to pick up some Nancy Drews -- Cath and I loved reading ones from the thrift stores and library when I was younger.
    Happy reading and tea-ing, Laura!

  18. The expressions on your cats' faces are too darn cute! I'm really interested in Shakespeare's Tremor and Orwell's Cough, now. Thanks for the recommendation. As you know, I jumped into LOTR and I'm loving it. I wish I hadn't waited so long to read it! I enjoyed the movies when they came out, but, man, I didn't know what I was missing! I have a few other books going (novels by Willa Cather and Edith Wharton) that I pick up every now and again.

  19. I loved Nancy Drew, I had the entire collection at some point in time. (And then they went and wrote that strange series where they tried to make it edgy and that just killed it for me, the whole charm of the Nancy Drew series was the setting.) Ah memories.

    I love your husband's octopus cut, that is just crazy and cool, it's so fun! You always find the most interesting things!


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