Motivation can be found in the most mundane of phrases. And the simpler they are, I think the more genuine they feel. Lately, I've been telling myself to "work hard & be nice." Simple? Yes. But these five words have an impelling power over me more than any quote that has come out of the mouth of any writer, painter, mogul, or celebrity ever. Work Hard & be nice.

Inspired by Sarah, I decided to list some goals that I've had brewing in my head for a while now, but never really wrote out. Hopefully, airing them out in public will be even more motivation to work hard at accomplishing these goals.

1. Manage my time more wisely// Working from home has its perks : I get to be in my jammies, I set my own hours, I do whatever I want to do. Working from home also has its downfalls, which are pretty much the same exact ones I've listed above. I need to set and follow a schedule that will keep me on track.
2. Do at least 2 craft shows before May// This is a complicated bugger. There are lots of sub-goals to this mega goal, most of which involve making more product. And that is tied to goal #1. I may be golden once I figure out how to add more hours to a day.
3. Vlogging// I am not ashamed to say that I have no idea how to edit videos. Or how to record them. I promise to at least learn how to get over my "valley girl voice" insecurity.
4. Be nicer// Probably the most difficult goal of all. If you don't really know me, I'm pretty sure you think I'm all "Hellfire and Satan, bitchiness to the nth degree." I snap a lot, yes, and I can be a bit curt. So I need to work on being more approachable. I also need to stop declaring how much I "hate" (even though I don't mean it) a lot of things even though the compunction to do so is pretty much innate.
5. Be Agressive// And stop doubting myself. Be murderous on purpose. Like Columbus. Just kidding.


  1. Oh, man, patience. That's something I desperately need to work on, too. Good luck, Laura! :)

  2. I agree with several of your goals here. When I'm home all day I get distracted from doing the work I should be doing (the computer and my phone are a huge distraction). And I could totally be nicer to people. I've been told I'm not approachable and then people are scared of me sometimes. I don't think I'm that mean, but I guess I can't see myself from the outside.

    Also, there's a HUGE craft show coming up here in the summer called the Indieana Handicraft Exchange that I think you'd do well at. Not sure if you'd want to travel that far (Indianapolis).

  3. I finally decided Vlogging is for losers. Not really, but I don't know how to edit videos, either. I also don't like my voice because I sound like a man. I said that in a manly voice in my head, so you'll just have to re-read that and pretend you can hear it.

  4. Must also work to be nicer...seriously, biggest thing I need to work to change about myself. I'm great when people know me well but I'm not approachable at all.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  5. These are good goals Laura. I definitely need to work on being nicer. Sometimes I get so irritated with people, that I say things before realizing the impact. One of my co-workers calls me a spitfire, lol! Heather

  6. Being nicer is a good goal but sometimes other people make it so hard! I find myself stopping and really having to think about what I'm going to say in those situations. I don't know how to edit videos either, I'm kinda intimidated by it not gonna lie. If you vlog though I would totally check it out and I bet your voice isn't valley girl at all!

  7. You're going to start vlogging now? It seems like all of my favorite bloggers are! I've been watching so many vlogs too. I actually started taking videos earlier this month and basic editing is really not that bad.

    7% Solution​

  8. Ugh I hate my voice too much to ever consider vlogging!! And I know what you mean about being nicer...I always try, but it's just so much easier to get things done when you sometimes snap a bit! Plus, I did have a boyfirned tell me he actually liked my bithcy side because it made it that much more special when i was in a nice mood

    Sophisticated Lace

  9. I'm with you on the first one. i am so terrible at time management, i kinda wish there were 30 hours in a day.

  10. I love this video so much! I wish I had time to make something so awesomely funny. Thanks for the shoutout and I can't wait to hear about the craft shows. That's so cool!

  11. you should definitely vlog! i think you would be excellent at it.

  12. vlogging is def on my to-learn list. i've had a few requests from sponsors, but i just don't have the know-how yet...plus i'm still a little (video) camera shy :)


  13. Best of luck with your goal list. I always, always, always need to work on managing my time more wisely!


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