Who's It? & February Ipsy Glam Bag

I just wanted to do a really quick post on the goodies in my Ipsy Glam Bag for February. This is my second bag from Ipsy, and though I thought January's loot was better, for $10, I'm still quite pleased with what I got in this month's bag. I'm wearing all the products in the February bag, and on lips I have on NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink

1: Last Cards
2: Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer
3: Coastal Scents Glitz and Glamour eyeshadow set 
4: MICA beauty Gel eyeliner in black
5: PopBeauty Smokey Last Kapow Mascara


I think the best product in this bag is the Pixi Primer, which totally fills in my large pores and keeps my foundation from melting off my skin. I'm also really liking the Mica gel liner a whole lot. The consistency is super easy to work with, and I've been using it everyday since I got my bag. I thought the PopBeauty mascara was Ok, nothing really special about it. And I really was disappointed with the Coastal Scents sample. Over the years, I've heard tons of good things about them, but I thought the colors in the Glitz and Glamour palette weren't that great, the pigmentation was so-so, and there was just too much fall-out for me. I also wasn't too pleased with the Lash Cards. Perhaps I was using them incorrectly, (which I doubt, since I watched the videos before trying to do it twice) but I didn't see a difference in my lashes.

The always lovely Larie tagged me in one of her posts, so here are my answers! Play along and tell me an answer to one or more of the questions below!

1. Favorite lipstick of all time (Or just right now. I know we're fickle)
Currently, I've been wearing this NYX  Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink! I've always loved bright pinks, but the consistency of this lippie is out of this world!
2. What album/band/song have you been listening to lately?
I've been looping the I-Monster cover to "Daydream". So good. 
3. If you found just $10 in your pocket right now, what would you spend it on?
Kale. I forgot to get some over our weekend grocery trip. And stamps. I need to squeeze in some letter-writing soon!
4. Last book you really enjoyed? 
Nothlanders vol 7 by Brian Wood. Vikings in comics? Yes, please. Obviously, Wood takes a lot of liberties in his take on the Viking history, but I love it. Vikings make me happy. 
5. Favorite healthy snack?
Carrots and hummus.
6. Favorite not healthy snack?
Those flavored pretzel nibblers. Good lord, the cheddar ones are fucking amazing.
7. Favorite body lotion?
Is it awful that I don't have one? I swear I use lotion, I just switch when I get bored of the scents (which is all the time)
8. Favorite children's novel?
Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
9. Mac or PC?
I own a PC, but I would love to have a Mac.
10. Last item you returned?
Uhm. a library book? I haven't shopped in forever.
11. Favorite ice cream flavor?
TARO. I love Taro froyo (which is almost the same as ice cream, right?) 


  1. I love this color of lipstick on you. It's perfect! I don't have a favorite body lotion either. We have so many scented lotions it just depends on my mood that day. Lately I have been using Coconut Lime Verbena since it reminds me of summer. Heather

  2. Your lipstick is so gorgeous, need that color now! Fave lipstick of all time is Hot by Covergirl Lip Perfection :)

  3. You look divine! I actually love my Coastal Scents shadows. This is the second one I've gotten in my ipsy and I love both of them! I actually really like the POP mascara too...it's much better than TheBalm ones I've purchased...for me anyway. Sadly I don't have a liner brush so I've yet to use the gel eyeliner! And I always make a mess with my mascara so believe it or not I was relieved and excited about the mascara cards!

  4. Super awesome colored lipstick! It's perfect for your skin tone!! I've been curious about the Pixi brand, I'll have to check it out.

    I haven't returned anything in quite a long time either.

  5. that primer sounds awesome and your skin looks gorgeous!

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  7. I love the makeup! Super cute and I also like your hair.


  8. I am totally clueless when it comes to makeup, I usually stumble through the drug store cosmetic isle in a daze, never sure what I need. That being said the one thing I can seem to handle is lipstick and I love the shade you have on, it's bold but wearable.

  9. You look STUNNING in that lipstick! LOVE it on you! I can hardly wait till I am all grey and can wear bright shocking pinks like this!

  10. Looking gorgeous Laura - that lippie and eyeshadow are both perfect on you xo

  11. Hurray, thanks for doing the tag! :D Taro is a tasty flavor for ice cream and bubble drinks, I agree!

  12. Love the eyeshadow and the primer sounds fabulous!

  13. Awesome items in your ipsy glam bag! I have never had taro frozen yogurt.....

  14. That lipstick looks amazing on you!!! (three exclamation points worth) I'll say that I never really understood purchasable mascara shields. You can use an old envelope and do the same thing.

  15. Wow that lipstick just POPS beautifully against your hair. You really can rock colour and you have the perfect lip shape for it too.

  16. i like your shadows better than mine!! my post is tomorrow.

  17. That lipstick looks really pretty on you.

  18. Can you please come to CT and do my makeup?! My make up skills are so blah it's not even funny lol
    OK. Hummus and carrots are my go-to healthy snacks and I love the honey mustard pretzel nugget things...I can eat the whole bag so don't let me even see it! I love taro anything! BTW - I found a bag of dried jackfruit...just jackfruit!! The other fruit chips were good, but I feel like the jackfruit was like a treasure when I found one haha..this time I have a whole bag of them! Dangerous!

  19. I've heard great things about NYX lip products---and they are so cheap too! Might have to stock up on some :)



  20. The color of your lipstick is beautiful with the color of your hair, you make me think to a mairmaid !

  21. Really great makeup! + I got to know you a bit better from this post! :)


  22. the lipstick is pretty, and i actually think the shadows look great. even if it's not too pigmented, it's a nice neutral against your bright lips and hair. pretty pics, L!

    #2 been crushing on Cher Lloyd...thanks to mini-she for the intro!


  23. That's a pretty decent haul for ten dollar, although I'm ashamed to admit that I have no idea what lash cards are. I do like the sound of that primer, I haven't found any yet that work well with large pores so I'll have to see if I can hunt that one down.

    And seriously, who doesn't love vikings?


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