Artist Feature: Stasia Holl

Ever since I revamped my blog layout, I've gotten tons of emails inquiring about the artist of my blog header. I wish I looked that sweet in real life, but for now, I'm content that cartoon-me is pretty darn gorgeous. The genius behind the cuteness is Stasia Holl, a college student from San Antonio, Texas, who is, simply put, adorable beyond words. I found out about her via her fashion blog a long while back, and I was so happy to find someone who shared my love of pretty anime, soft colors, and quirky fashion. (Stasia, I hope you go back to blogging your cute outfits again!) I am thrilled to the gills to get to feature her and her lovely art here in the blog, so please, read on and get ready to fill your eyes with cuteness galore!  
Laura: What inspired you to draw? 
StasiaIt's a cliche but I've literally been drawing since I was able to preform the task of marking on paper, so it's hard to pinpoint what exactly inspired me to draw. But I remember looking at illustrations and comics while growing up and basically deciding I wanted to be able to do something equally beautiful, and just constantly drawing (I'd even get in trouble at school) in order to get better. Plus, I loved being able to make comics about my friends and me for us to laugh at, and to this day I think creating fun for other people is one of my biggest inspirations. :D

Laura: I love that your art is sweet without being cloying & has a somewhat hard edge. How do you describe your aesthetic, and is there a certain point you'd like to send across your audience? 
StasiaI think you said it pretty well, that I'm trying to exhibit sweetness juxtaposed with some sort of contrasting edge. Inner demons are a theme I focus on a lot, just because it's something I think about a lot, and those become my favorite pieces since it seems a lot of people relate to them which is the greatest thing for me. I think I bounce back and forth from sweet and demonic a lot, and I try to keep my comics really raw, in contrast, since they're generally simple depictions of that inner struggle and that aesthetic bouncing.

Laura: You're obviously uber creative. What other mediums do you work with and how else do you express your creativity? 
StasiaWell, I have dabbled in a lot of mediums because I feel that it helps expand my way of looking at my primary method of making art. But I think after my drawings, I take my textile work most seriously. I love embroidery and designing plushies, though I haven't had much time to do either these past couple semesters which is actually been a real bummer for me. I used to sell plushies (technically I still do) on etsy when I was on break from school and I hope to steadily get back into that this summer. I love how plush goods spread joy and comfort in such a tangible manner which is more soothing than producing illustrations  in a way. I also recently got into print photography and have wanted to develop and at-home darkroom but again, school just eats up that free time.
Laura: How do you see yourself and your art in 5, 10, 20 years from now? 
Stasia: It's really hard for me to visualize myself in any amount of years. I'm hoping to have more physical work, like zines and this one book I have planned, and maybe start attending conventions, so that might cover the 5-10 years, but 20 years is so difficult to imagine! Mostly since I can't imagine myself at 41 drawing comics of myself getting blind drunk and vomiting, or drawing bleeding demon girls cussing unnecessarily. Maybe I'll have kids by then so I'll be drawing kids books. But most importantly I hope I just have enough time and money to continue trying new mediums all the time! 

Favorite milkshake flavor? Chocolate Banana!! The best discovery I have ever made.
Favorite Sailor Scout? Sailor Pluto. I thought she was the most beautiful and smart, as a kid. And I mean, seriously, she like guards all of time, how difficult of a job is that?! I also just really love her hair.
Winter? or Summer? Winter. I love sweaters and long skirts and boots, and in San Antonio you can't really wear those in the summer (or spring or fall, really) no matter how bad you want to.
Favorite Candy? I'm a chocolate gal, but respecting the technical distinction my favorite candy is Chewy Spree.
Ultimate Guilty Pleasure?  Watching girly Anime, for sure, if I'm defining guilty as "thing I consistently do when I should be studying instead."
If you want to find out more about Stasia and her art, please check out her site or follow her tumblr


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