Life Lately 005

I recently acquired the kawaiiest of kawaii egg molds, so I've been eating soft boiled eggs for breakfast. A LOT. I wake up with the difficult decision of having either bear or bunny. It's a difficult decision every time.

I always end up admiring the blooms along the way during my walks to the library. These gorgeous blooming cherry blossom-esque trees are everywhere! But I have no idea what they are. Do you know? It got really cold all of a sudden over the weekend, so I'm back to wearing heavier sweaters and cardigans. I can't believe I'm bundling up again after the sweltering 80+ degree weather we've been having!
You may already know how much of a book snob I like to make myself out to be. But the truth is, there are some extremely tacky books that I just can't resist (A Discovery of Witches, anyone?) but also this series by Joanne Fluke. I swear, when I discovered her books, I just consumed them tirelessly one after the other. I've been waiting for her newest title to come out for almost a year now, and my library finally had it on hold for me the other day. It's all read. All 200-something awful pages of it. I can't seem to stop myself from obsessing over the disgusting recipes that punctuate each chapter and the semi-charmed life of the amateur detective protagonist. Do you have a guilty pleasure series?

You may also know how much of a tea whore I am. I usually am OK with Twinings Lady Grey in bag form, but lately, I've been frequenting my local tea shop for some loose leaf teas and chocolates. Probably more for the chocolates, though. 
 A lot of felt goodies are listed in the shop now! This past week has been a week for hand stitching, and I finally had time to work in some new designs, like unicorns, doughnut pins, and some floral headbands. Check them out :)

In my previous post, I talked a little bit about this book. I finally finished it yesterday, and one of my favorite stories is  about the dangerous and soul-crushing tailgating experience of supporting Team Krill in the tournament involving the eating habits of whales. The other story that remains vivid in my mind is about Japanese girls metamorphosing into silk worms, doomed to spend the rest of their lives spinning, spinning, spinning. All of Russell's stories are weird, mesmerizing, and just a treat to read. 

And with that, I leave you with a picture of Pandae giving his best "what you looking at?" face. Happy Weekend!


  1. Great post hun, I love the kawaii eggs so much! And how cute is Pandae? :) xo <3

  2. Ack, those egg molds are awesome - I love soft boiled eggs. Seriously, those are so cute. Where can an egg fan acquire some?

    Courtney ~

  3. The bear and bunny egg molds are so cute! What a way to enjoy breakfast! Now all you need is a toaster that imprints onto toast :) Tea and chocolates sounds delectable to me. Laura you pick up the most interesting books. I'm constantly amazed. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Happy weekend! I had no idea that egg molds were a thing- I've learned something new today.

  5. Those egg molds are the bomb. I have a few guilty reading pleasures myself. I almost hide in a closet to read them because it's just too embarrassing. The weather here has taken a dive as well and I'm also back to sweaters. :( Maybe the sun won't forsake us forever.

  6. those egg molds are so cute!!! i have tried to make them but they never come out successfully for me.

  7. I love junior kid novels like something stupid. I'm obsessed with the I am Number Four series by the guys who wrote the series Smallville.

  8. Kawaii egg molds?! Who knew?! :)

    Loving the pic of your boots amid all the petals. Very pretty.

    Mm, Lady Grey. It's so refreshing and comforting, isn't? Look on Amazon - it's available in loose leaf :)

  9. I have a soft spot for Life Lately posts. I'm glad you read what gives you pleasure; there's enough dull mandatory reading in life, whether it's at work or at school! I read every.single.night and luckily I get most of my books pre-vetted and borrowed from my parents and sister. I'm reading The Gatekeeper's Daughter at the moment. It's beautifully written and researched but a pretty depressing story! I think the flowers you're wondering about may be bluebells. I am absolutely shocked the word just popped into my mind because normally I'm terrible with naming flowers (and dog breeds, but that's a different story).


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