Exciting news and a SALE!

Hey, everybody! I'm sorry I haven't been to your blogs in a while, but I'm busy packing and getting my crap together for our upcoming move! It happened all so suddenly and I am left no time to do leisurely things. I'll talk more about the move in a later post, but for now, help me not have to pack so much stuff and have a little bit of spending moneyz by shopping my sale! Take 30% off your total purchase by using the code SUMMERSALE  during checkout.  

When does the sale end? SOOON! As in sometime next week because that's when we've got to skedaddle out of Illinois! So hurry, hurry, hurry! :) 


  1. Moving out of IL?! Where ya goin? :O
    Anywaaaay, I'm off to you shop!

    Jan Loves

  2. Wow you are moving?? I hope it goes well!!

  3. Ack, I need to hear more!!!!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. So excited for you Laura!!! Have a great move hun!

  5. I hope the move was prompted by something positive and you're headed somewhere great! Can't wait to find out more and where to send letters.

  6. Wow! Good luck with the move. Can't wait to hear more details:)


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