Hank Co

Possibly my favorite tee of all time is this Hank Co. shirt I got from the Venture Bros Shirt Club. I'd been wanting one forever since Hank (re)opened his business, offering a cafe, groceries, notary, and Private Eye services in Season 4. Holy hell, one of my favorite episodes ever. I have been wearing this tee everywhere, pretty much non-stop ever since I got it last month. It makes me feel so "Go Team Venture." 
My neighborhood is pretty close to The Hill, the Italian part of St. Louis, so B and I often venture out and explore the excellent food places in that area. I had a huge hankering for ravioli, so it was fortunate that we found Mama Toscano. I ordered the toasted ravioli and B had the meatball sandwich (not pictured, already eaten.)
So it's only been about a month since I dyed my hair black, but the color is already fading, and some of the green is showing through. I quite like it! It's only noticeable under the sunlight and gives my tresses a serpentine sheen. 
OH EM GEE. I am so happy I snapped a photo of these chips before I ate them because they are amazing. And hilarious to boot. If you've never had them, you must seek them out! I tried looking for them online, but the website printed on the bags is dead, and they're not available on Amazon! There are a few more flavors available, accompanied by the most entertaining packaging, but I can't buy them online! Mama Toscano carries these 2 flavors, so I'll definitely be back for more even just to nab some. 
One other thing I've been wearing non-stop is my red lipstick from Lush. It's such a wearable red! And definitely dresses up anything I wear it with. I mean, c'mon, I know I'm wearing a t-shirt. But with this red lippie, I'm wearing  a T-Shirt. 



  1. Love the shirt, and that toasted ravioli looks delicious!

  2. Super tee, I was just reading on Lush about their lippies, I need to go in there and get some things. This food looks too good :))) Have a sweet day xx

  3. Red lipstick is your THANG, girl. You look fabulous! Dresses up a T perfectly.

  4. You look great in red lipstick! Wearing lipstick makes me feel so much better and more pulled together, even when I am feeling crappy. The Rap Snacks are hilarious! Enjoy your weekend Laura :)

  5. love your red lip!! =)
    Those chips...hahah...I have got to find me some!


  6. Hilarious and delicious things are my favorite...and those look side-splitting. Also, your hair looks totally amazing (what else is new?).

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  7. Laura, that tee looks great on you and you can wear the hell out of a red lipstick (always looks good on you). Rap Snacks! I've seen everything now. HAHAHA You can buy them and flip them on eBay! HAHAHA That ravioli looks good.

  8. Your hair has a serpentine sheen! How exciting!

  9. So many good things in this post: serpentine sheen! toasted ravioli! rap snacks?!

  10. OMG! I've heard of Rap Snacks, but I didn't know they still made them.

  11. I love this red lipstick on you and I am dying to get some bright colors going throughout my hair. Imagine if they made glitter hair dye?! I'd die. You look adorable love and I hope you find these Rap Snacks. Don't you hate when you find a snack you love and it then becomes impossible to find?!



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