Current Favorites

Nyokki and Penne mini case from Sanrio, similar items here
This Nyokki and Penne case is from my latest Sanrio trip. I intended on using it as a notebook/cellphone case that I could easily stick in my purse, but I've been using it as a holder for my camera and USB cord. It's so convenient to be able to store both in the same place and grab them when I head out!  
I have loved fonts for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I used to copy letters out of Speedball books and create cards and "books" I would give to my family and friends. I never really took fonts seriously because I never realized their impact until I was much older. This book is a great read for those who are even just remotely interested in lettering. I especially enjoyed reading the mini chapters on the history of many popular fonts and faces.  In case you're wondering, some of my favorite fonts include Bookman Old Style and Champagne and Limousines which is one I use a lot on my headers.  
Hello Kitty manga stationary pad
OMG you guys. I am in love with this stationary pad. On one side, you write whatever it is you want to write to your penpals, whatever. But flip that page and you can fill in the speech bubbles and create your own Hello Kitty comic. Mine always comes out to be sadistic and dirty. Always. 
I wanted to try out other balms before getting another eos ball, so I picked up this lip balm from Sun Bum at Nordstrom. Bottomline: these are lipsmackers for adults, yo. They taste delicious (admit it, we all "taste" our balms")  but also work well to keep my lips moisturized. They come in banana and key lime flavors too, just in case mango isn't up your alley.  
Sation Nail Lacquer in Love at First Byte & Sinful Colors in Vacation Time
Cassy was ever so gracious to send me a bottle of Love at First Byte, which on its own gives my nails a soft pink shine. I love using it on top of other pinks because they make for a milkier looking finish. I'm actually wearing the combo of these two polishes in all the pictures in this post.
This bar smells so divine and lathers really well too. I come out of the shower smelling sweet and cake-y and my bathroom smells like that all the time now. I actually bought this bar from a shop selling local St. Louis merchandise, but they're also available via Etsy! 
What are your current favorites?


  1. Red Velvet cake soap sounds amazing!! And I love the Sinful Colors nail polish!

  2. That book sounds crazy entertaining - I'm going to check if my local library has a copy!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. I love the stationary! Apparently stationary is non-existent in the UK now. I thought the art and office supply shops local to me, were pulling my leg when they told me that. Then I checked on and nope, it's like a non-entity here. It's weird. So I'm designing my own. I have people to write dang it! I love the Sanrio mini case.

  4. Ah that soap looks lovely and i'm sure it smells yum. I have a weakness for smelly soap! Nice smelly soap though, not the bad kind lol.

  5. what a cute list of favorites!
    i love handmade soap! i'm using one now only mine smells like some chinese herbal medicine. lolz

  6. Current favorites...erm. I don't really have much! I've been feeling kinda blah lately, tbh. Time to remedy that somehow!

  7. CUTE! That soap sounds great! I've been loving one from The Body Shop lately!

  8. Mmm red velvet soap. And Sanrio can be addictive!

  9. These are lovely. The soap sounds fabulous :)) x

  10. Cute buys! I love Sanrio too, my fav is My Melody, and I have 3 of them who sleep with me! :)


  11. I want that Hello Kitty notebook!

  12. Red velvet cake soap?!?!?! Sounds amazing.

  13. i've got to try that red velvet soap! looks awesome


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