Let Inspiration Strike

This outfit is pretty much a repeat of this outfit from last year, except for the shoes, my specs, and how I fixed my hair. Looking back at how I wore the orange lace cardigan + dark floral dress the first time, I definitely miss how healthy and shiny my hair used to look pre-bleaching and dyeing. I mean, my hair is a lot healthier than it's been since I went teal, but it's definitely not as great as it was before. I'm really looking forward to when it's going to be all naturally dark again. Just a few more months and a couple more haircuts!
I had lunch in a pizza restaurant called Pi, and I absolutely loved the relaxed yet chic vibe of the place. I mean, take a look at their water glasses with pi etched onto the surface! Their food was quite tasty, too. I really enjoyed their version of mozzarella sticks which had fontina, mozzarella, prosciutto, and herbs. B and I split a pizza and washed it down with some refreshing sangria. 
My weekend was jam packed with lots of running around, finishing chores and finally getting a futon for our living room. I'm slightly disappointed that I wasn't able to find a vintage couch, but I'm very relieved not to be sitting on the floor anymore. Slowly, our place is feeling more like home. I'm working on figuring out where to hang all our prints, but I keep on getting stuck on color coordinating and balance, which is why I've been putting it off for so long. Hopefully inspiration strikes this week so I can get stuff done and share photos with you finally!
Speaking of inspiration, I've been feeling a little uninspired with my outfits lately, which probably has a lot to do with the increasing temperatures of which I am not a fan. Can we get to layering weather now, please? 
dress: Target:: cardigan: Forever 21:: wedges: Urban Outfitters:: specs: Zenni



  1. I hear you with the temps. It's cool and then hot then cool and then hot. This week summer is back for us in the 90s!

    You look quite lovely in your floral dress and pretty lace cardigan though :)

  2. You look lovely. The food looks amazing. Here it's raining and grey one minute and sunny and warm the next...I guess it's in the transitional phase really. But, i like it. I hope you have a great week xx

  3. I love that little lace number - it looks perfect paired with the florals. And I personally think your hair looks as lustrous and healthy as ever.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

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  5. I hear you - I'm ready for summer to be over!!

    I do like this pretty look you have though - especially the lace cardi!!

  6. I like the water glasses at that place that's pretty cool! I also think your lace cardigan is gorgeous, the colour is lovely on you.Enjoy your week Laura. x/Madison

  7. I love your dress- the floral print is pretty! And that orange lace cardigan is really chic! My mouth is watering after looking at those mozzarella sticks- yum yum yum!

    Simply Akshara

  8. Love the outfit! ME too Laura-I want summer to be OVER already hahaha!

  9. Oh, I really like that lace cardigan! Really cute. It's just starting to cool down where I am (except for an anticipated 92 degree day this week?!) and I can't wait for full on layering weather!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  10. But you look gorgeous, anyway :) That cardigan is super cute and feminine.

    Ugh, house decorating. I'd be terrible. I'm more of the spartan decorating type, LOL. Functional things only, please!

  11. well you look wonderful laura! glad to hear the decorating is coming along and the food & drinks look delish.

  12. You look beautiful in that dress. I have been looking for a pink sofa but have been far from able to find one that meets my expectations. I am sure you will stumble across a great vintage find when you least expect it.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  13. I think the perfect sofa is one of the hardest things to find - that and a dining room table.

    I'm sick of the hot weather too. That lace cardi is perfect for light layering. And if it makes you feel any better, your hair looks super healthy in your photos! :)

    xoxo, Cath

  14. This is such a pretty, romantic look! The jacket reminds me of a vintage piece I saw recently.

    I had a Moroccan oil treatment done on my hair and it is so much better looking now. Of course, I also got it cut so that could have contributed to the wildness as well.

  15. i remember this soft peachy pink cardi! so pretty...

    (that mozzarella sticks look so yummy, btw. i thought it was a variation on rice balls..;p)

  16. I love this floral print dress on you!

  17. I love that dress Laura and your hair is gorgeous. I can relate all too well about the health and shine of the hair. I covered the blonde that I had put in my hair at the end of last year finally. I'm trying to grow my hair out so I didn't want to just cut it all off. That would've been traumatic. My hair definitely feels healthier since I went darker but it's still not like it was.

  18. I think your hair looks lovely and healthy! I am drooling over those mozzarella sticks...

    What Lola Wants


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