Warby Parker's Beacon Collection

You alls know that I love wearing glasses, not only because they help me actually see things better, but also because they're a great accessory to enhance any look. I tend to waver a lot, style-wise, which is why I've accumulated different pairs of glasses over the years. I designate the glasses above (from left to right) contemporary edgy, sophisticated vintage, cat eye glamour, and pugnaciously whimsical. Sometimes, I even change specs multiple times a day depending on whether or not they "go" with an outfit. Glasses matching can be exhausting. So imagine my excitement when Warby Parker contacted me about the launch of their Beacon Collection that boasts designs that are "repeat contenders, no matter the hour."  Take a gander.
I love that these frames, sunnies or just regular specs, look good dressed up or down. I'm especially thrilled, too, at the size and colors of the frames themselves, since I'm always having trouble finding larger frames in bold but sophisticated hues to transition from the office to dinner dates then a movie. My faves below:
McKee in Whiskey Tortoise
Round frames in whiskey tortoise? You've got my attention. They look like my sturdy Sinclairs I've loved for many moons, sans the metal squares making them a bit more casual-friendly.
Ingram in Revolver Black
I'm looking for some sunnies that B will actually want to wear since he yet has to own a pair of sunglasses. EVER. I love the wayfarer-esque shape of these frames.
Nancy in Lemon
This pair makes me think of antiquing adventures, but would totally be appropriate while brunching al fresco.  AKA, they're perf. I used to love round bug-eyed sunnies, but these have a little edge in them for a more polished feel. Yellow for summer, but they come in a subdued grey as well.

Check out Warby Parker's glasses here
Check our their sunnies here


  1. And, just like that, you've convinced me that I need another pair of glasses.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial

  2. Super awesome doll, loved it :) x

  3. I want to try this brand! And I think I can because as I recall they ship to Canada!

  4. I totally agree! These look great on you!

  5. Oh these all look great! I have been meaning to try them out because I need a new pair of glasses. I was waiting for the move, haha.

  6. "Pugnaciously whimsical", lol. Fantastic wording. I love your whimsical frames and really want some similar for myself. I really dig the Nancy's in Lemon. (Is that how we'd write the possessive for those sunnies? Ah grammar, how you love to challenge me.) I think those angles really help out a girl with a round face like myself.


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