Sweet Weekend

Who can say no to a tray of frabjous cupcakes?

I hope you have a sweet weekend ahead! The past couple weeks have been very long and exhausting for me. I spent the whole of last week training in Iowa, learning that I can't really sleep very well when I'm not in my own bed. This week, though I'm back in St. Louis, was still extremely tiring with even more training. Don't get me wrong-- I love learning new things and I'm definitely excited, but I'm also in dire need of a restful (and food indulgence-free) weekend.


  1. I really don't think I can say no to any cupcake! :) those look delicious! :) enjoy them, sounds like you deserved them after all that hard work :)


  2. Oh there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed that's for sure! And as for those cupcakes - yummy!

  3. hope you got lots of rest over the weekend!


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