Tuesday Threes 7: Halloween

I'm not really big into Halloween decorating. In fact, I am rubbish at all things decorating. But I do like the imagery that dons decor for celebrating spooks and witches and all that jazz. These X-ray plates are eerie and cool-- plus they're something B and I would both want to use.
Skulls and snakes, then gold rims? You got me. I would buy these if we had more storage in our kitchen. As it is, our cupboards are brimming with pottery and glassware that we've made.  
AND I'd like to have that pretty gold tray too. These are darn cute and would look amazing with B's skull collection.


  1. Holy crap those plates are awesome. Seriously. So awesome.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Great finds! Since we're right in the middle of moving, I haven't decorated even a little bit this year. But I do love looking at all the cool inspo!

  3. the reptile plates ARE really eerie, lol! i'm definitely digging all things skulls!

  4. I need them ALL!! These are amazing xx

  5. those plates are amazing! i haven't been into halloween decorating but this year i'm eager.. the only thing is i don't know what to do and i feel like halloween is going to whiz past me! :)


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