Slightly unrealistic expectations

sweater: Forever 21
denim: H&M
boots: Target
purse: Juicy Couture

A while back, B and I drove to Cahokia to visit the mounds. A few days before our trip, a colleague of mine mentioned that when she and her kids visited, they had a blast walking the trails and learning about all different functions of the mounds there. There were temple mounds, burial mounds-- and I have no idea what else she said because I latched onto burial mounds like Velcro on Velcro.

Note: did you notice that I'm not smiling in any of these pictures? It's because I was extremely disappointed NOT to actually see open-faced burial mounds like I was expecting to find. Don't ask my why I thought I would see skeletons and stuff in a family-friendly attraction, but I did. 

I suppose my expectations are slightly unrealistic. 


    And I'd be disappointed too haha-no skeletons? I'm OUTTA here hahaha!

  2. Ok, that top photo is incredible! What the heck are those posts behind you about?? You look like the absolute best walking advert for Jurassic World. They should totes pay you for this. hehehehe.

    I've been to my fair share of burial mounds. They do seem so underwhelming when you get there. It feels like it should be so much more doesn't it? I love hearing about them because each culture seems to have different stuff involved in it, but I want to see it all! The last one I visited had a reconstructed version of the fishing weir the people had used. That was pretty cool and I thought wicked clever of them.

    I saw your new haircut the other day on FB. It's sooooo chic. I know what I'm about to say is heresy, but I've stopped going to hair salons. I have this older in-law who's 88 and we were talking about hair the other day. She said she's only been to one salon ever in her entire life. They butchered her hair so she's been doing her own ever since. It made me start thinking about how much money I've been throwing at my hair over the years and not gonna lie, I got a little queasy. I've gone through stages where I was getting my hair cut and coloured every 6 weeks. I cut everyone else's hair in the family so I figured, meh - I'll do mine too. I could never achieve such a chic look as what you've got right now though. So I'm just going to have to live slightly vicariously through your luscious locks. :D

  3. Despite your disappointment that place sound pretty cool, I'd love to visit!! And I'm totally smitten with your dino sweater...that's awesome.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. You look great and the place looks brilliant despite the disappointment, but I can say that I would have felt the same way, ha!! x

  5. I'm glad to hear it's not just me. I want to see bones, skulls, everything.

  6. It was a really cool place! The mounds were pretty impressive, and we spent a lot of time in the museum there too!

  7. SOOOOo confession: one of my dreams is to visit the burial mounds over at your end of the rainbow. I think that's why I was super excited to see the ones over here even though I knew they were just going to be... mounds. The wooden posts... it's been so long since this trip that I honestly do not remember what these were anymore. All I know is that we walked by the wooden posts and entered the forest and saw loads of deer! These posts will forever be remembered as the posts that lead to deer.

    You know what? I hate going to salons. It's the truth. At almost every salon I've been to, I've always had awful experiences. Mostly, people complain about how thick my hair is and charge me so much to get my hair colored, and it never turns out the way I want it to. So, I do all my own color. However, since I cannot cut hair, I always look for someone else to do it, which takes me a very long time. In Illinois, I had an elderly Japanese lady cut my hair, and she charged me $21, which I thought was very much worth it. My current stylist, whom I love dearly, works at one of those "family hair places" so they only charge $16 a cut. I honestly think that one can get a great cut without spending a lot of money! I used to go to hair schools and pay $10 for a cut by a student. I've had good cuts and bad ones, but hey-- it's just hair, right? :)

  8. There are so many cool things to see over here. I've barely scratched the surface. It's winter now so I'm not going to be able to go to some of my favourite spots in the forest for a bit. There's a section of wood here called, "Bolderwood". From what I understand, there's a deer sanctuary involved but to be honest, I've never made it that far. Whenever I'm going through it, I feel like I have to stop. Parts of it look like something you'd see out of Lord of the Rings with the Elves. There's more than one spot where you can walk through the giant mature trees and the wind is blowing all around but somehow, the tree's can form these areas that are completely still. The wind doesn't touch you or disturb anything on the ground. It's surreal. Last time I went, I was standing in one spot, awed as I watched the tops of the trees just beyond the ones I was under, swaying in the breeze. It was like that all around me in a full circle. It was so quiet where I was standing I suddenly heard a small rustle in the leaves near me. I eventually saw a little mouse, furrowing his way through stuff. It was the cutest thing I think I've seen in person in a while. If I knew how to unobtrusively and non-destructively live there - I would. :D

    I started cutting hair when I was a teenager. Probably because I'd grown up watching my grandmother cut her own hair my whole life and she had a short hair style. I'm amazed at how she managed it. She'd hold a mirror up to the back of her head while standing in front of another larger mirror and just snip away. My mother knew I was cutting on my own hair at the time, so she started asking me to trim her hair. Then my friends started asking. Then I had kids. :) It's like drawing to me. I'm O.K. at drawing. The only difference being, this is with scissors. And like you said, "it's only hair." Hehehe. Thankfully, everyone seems happy enough with the results.

  9. Bolderwood sounds beautiful!!! I want to live the LOTR, especially the Elvish realms! No kidding :)

    You are so brave to cut hair. I am too much of a wuss, and also-- I am very lazy to do anything of the sort. I would color like crazy though, but now, it's too much maintenance especially because of my job and pottery.

  10. uhhh that dinosaur sweater is to die for! Great outfit :)

  11. Glad you had a description because in the first picture I was like huh? Where is she? An enchanted forest? The sunlight makes for beautiful lighting.


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