Technical difficulties

cardigan: Juicy Couture
dress, worn as skirt: H&M
tights: Express
shoes: Forever 21

So. Figuring out how to renew my domain name has been eating up too much of my free time, that I decided to just go ahead and disable it for the time being. Ugh. I ain't got no time for that right now, especially when I have a seductively huge stack of books calling out to be read. 

For 2015, B and I are attempting to read 2 works by contemporary authors each month (we alternate choosing a writer each month) in the hopes of getting more acquainted with what's "in" these days as well as learning more about each other since we have such disparate tastes in books to begin with. B picked Cormac McCarthy for January, and I can't think of a more perfect author to start the year and our project with. Over the weekend, I finished All the Pretty Horses and No Country for Old Men, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into Outer Dark, which will be the third (!) book of his we'll be reading this month. McCarthy's prose is terse but rich and hauntingly beautiful. It grabbed me as soon as I started reading, and I can't stop thinking about it. 

It's finally so cold that I have to resort to taking photos indoors. Forgive the yellow lighting and my sleepy mug-- the cold makes it harder for me to perk up in the mornings. So I try to liven things up by wearing happy prints and colors!


  1. I read the entire Border Trilogy a few years back (All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing and Cities of the Plain) and would highly recommend finishing it if you have time for 2 more books and enjoyed All the Pretty Horses. The second and third books are equally as good, if not a little better IMO.

  2. I like your reading plan - I find I get stuck in a reading rut sometime and I don't really try new things, just re-reading things I remember as being good rather than trying a new, current author. I clearly need to follow in your footsteps.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. i like what you are doing with your reading! i have yet to pick up a book! oy!

  4. I absolutely adore this outfit. I love the waffle type print on the skirt and the magenta tights with the blacks and whites. :D Love it. Sorry to hear about the coldness issues and the difficulty with the domain name. That's a bummer. Today, we had the most bizarre weather. It was sunny, an hour later it was overcast, an hour after that it was like the sun had set and thunderous sheets of ice pellets came raging down. Then it was sunny again. So bizarre. I miss wearing pretty clothing like you. I was thinking about it this morning while dropping off the kids. I'm happy I still have the ability to watch your clothing exploits - yellow lighting or not. :D

  5. You look so cute! Love the tights and skirt combo. Cold hey? ;) I hope it warms up a bit for you soon! And nice reading list! I need to get a list going.

  6. I love that you and your B are reading books together. My husband doesn't read much and I've been so busy with work I haven't been reading much either. I misss it. I haven't read many of the classics. You looooooook adorable as always, I will always love your sense of style.



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